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AmeriSchools College Preparatory Academy Review

The AmeriSchools College Preparatory Academy opened their Tucson campus in 1997 offering the opportunity to attend a charter school that does not charge any type of tuition. The school provides a quality education for students in grades kindergarten through 12th.

The school offers unique educational opportunities which include Zoo phonics, fine arts, martial arts, art, Spanish, and annual math, literature, and science nights. The Primary chess team recently won a trophy for 2nd place in the regional competition.

The AmeriSchools College Preparatory works with various partners in the Tucson area using what is known as Learning Labs. The partnerships in the Tucson area include The Leukemia Foundation, The Desert Museum, World Care, Saguaro National Park East, The Tucson Symphony Orchestra, The Phoenix Science Center, and local musicals and dance, to name a few.

The school provides unique projects to help students learn a variety of group activities including such things as creating a school garden, creating a model of the Grand Canyon, and a day of recitation of poetry as a few examples. The core classes include language arts, science, math, social studies/humanities, and physical education. Extra curricular activities include video production, dance, photography, ceramics, painting, and theater, languages include French and Spanish, while sports include basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The school also offers a few special programs, which include academic contests, community service, debate, newspaper, science & technology, student council, and yearbook.

There are mixed reviews regarding the school as a whole when you compare those of teachers, parents, and students. Some students were very happy with the curriculum and stated the school prepared them for college while others were not very happy with some of the opinionated ways in which classes were taught along with subject matter and allowing students to discuss their opinion of reading material. Parents are happy with results and believe the school is providing an excellent academic and learning environment that will create leaders of tomorrow.

In the state of Arizona, the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards is given to test student’s knowledge of core subjects. All students attending a public school even charter schools are required to take the tests in grades 3rd through 8th and 10th. Recently, 10th graders at AmeriSchools College preparatory Academy took the required tests. The percentages for those passing the tests include in reading 86% passed with the state average being 78%, in science 48% passed with the state average being 42%, in writing 62% passed with state averages being 68%, and in math 38% passed with state averages being 73%.

AmeriSchools College Preparatory Academy
7444 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85710


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