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AmeriSchools Academy – Country Club Review

AmeriSchools Academy opened their Country Club campus in Tucson in 1997 and has on average 210 students enrolled in their kindergarten through 8th grade charter school.

The school offers the basic core classes as most other schools; however, the courses are enhanced offering students the ability to learn skills via an integrative curriculum that does not utilize a grading system and offers multi age instruction. The school also offers testing for the early detection of learning problems and will work with parents to ensure all students receive a quality education.

As you hear from parents with children attending the school, you will notice very different opinions. Some believe the school is not challenging enough at all and only seems to be a building with babysitters, while others enjoy the progress their children have made while attending the school.

AmeriSchools Academy had a recent change in principal, a few years back, which has caused quite a few issues in the staff and the way in which the school is organized. The main complaints have arisen since the new administration was put into place and it seems from talking with parents the school needs to get back on track. On the other hand, some students are excelling and performing at above average but not all parents are happy with the staff at the school.

Some classes such as Science seems to be doing a better than average job with activities like Science Night that truly showed the fun projects students were doing in class and learning at above average levels.

Extracurricular activities available include band, computer arts, drawing, and orchestra. Sports include basketball, P.E. classes, martial arts, and soccer. Special programs include academic contests, newspaper, yearbook, science & technology, and yearbook.

The students in AmeriSchools Academy took the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards required in the state of Arizona for students in grades 3rd through 8th.

Third grade students were below the state average for those that met or exceeded the state average of 76% with 63% passing the test in reading and in math 63% with the state average at 68%, and in writing the students; 86% was higher than the state average of 79%

Fourth graders had a higher percentage in reading with 85% and the state at 75%, in science with 77% with the state average at 60%, in writing with 95% and the state average at 83% and in math with 77% and the state average being 65%.

Fifth graders had 93% passing the test with the state average at 79% in reading, in math 79% with the state average 63%, the lower percentage was in writing at 50% with state average at 55%.

Sixth graders scored the same as the state average in reading with 81% passing and scored lower in writing with 48% and the state average being 60%, and in math, only 41% passed with the state average being 52%.

Seventh graders did well in reading with 91% passing and the state average at 82%, in math the 61% passed which is the same as the state average. In writing, the state average was 53% and only 35% passed the test.

Eighth graders did well in reading, science, and math scoring higher than the state average in both courses with 81% in reading with a state average of 71%, 78% in science with the state average at 63%, and math 59% with the state average at 54%. In writing 68% of students passed with the state average at 86%.

Have you studied at AmeriSchools Academy – Country Club?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at AmeriSchools Academy – Country Club in the comment section to help other readers!

AmeriSchools Academy – Country Club
1150 N. Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ 85716


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