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AmeriSchools Academy – Camelback Review

AmeriSchools Academy opened their Camelback charter school in 1998 for students in grades kindergarten through 8th grades. The school meets or exceeds the standards set by the state of Arizona but provide a unique non-graded instruction as well as multi-age instruction.

In the first few years of the school, all students had to bring their own lunch. This way a huge issue with parents and staff as there was no emergency food provided for those that forgot their lunch. Parents were not notified the child did not bring a lunch; therefore, the student went all day without anything to eat.

Today, the school has improved considerably with offering a new hot lunch program. Along with this other accomplishments for the school is that they partnered with Phoenix Theater Company the last five years to help bring the love of the theater to the school, as well as using a grant provided by St. Joseph’s Hospital in order to become a Second Step school, and new sports have been added to the roster including basketball and flag football.

The AmeriSchools Academy does offer early identification of students that may have special needs and can then work with parents to ensure the students receive a quality education according to his or her ability.

Parents are very impressed with the curriculum and the special time teachers spend with students ensuring they succeed in their endeavors. The teachers are very attentive and work with each student as an individual using a program known as FISH, which helps students, stay positive. Parents also like the idea of the small classrooms that allows students to excel and bullying is not allowed. Strict guidelines are in place to handle any type of issues when it comes to bullying in the classroom or on the campus.

Extracurricular activities at AmeriSchools Academy include computer arts, chorus, dance, drawing, and theater. The foreign languages available are Spanish and Mandarin. Sports include basketball, bicycling, cheerleading, gymnastics, PE classes, volleyball, and yoga. Special programs include science & technology, community service, yearbook, academic contests, and student government.

In the state of Arizona, an exam is given known by Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards for students in grades 3rd through 8th. Results are given in percentages of students that met or exceeded the requirements.

The percentages seen recently of 3rd graders in reading were 76% with the state average at the same percentage and math scores were 82% with the state average being 68%.

4th grade percentages in reading was 50% while the state average was 75%, science 38% with the state average at 60%, and math 25% with the state average at 65%.

5th grade percentages include 90% in reading with state at 79%, writing at 60% with the state at 55%, and math 60% with the state average at 63%.

6th graders scored 82% in reading while the state average was 81%, writing was 35% with the state at 56%, and math was 24% while the state average was 59%.

7th grade percentages were 89% in reading with the state average at 82%, writing 43% with the state at 53%, and math at 46% with the state at 61%.

8th grade percentages were 69% in reading with the state at 71%, in science 56% with the state at 63%, and in math 63% with the state at 54%.

Have you studied at AmeriSchools Academy – Camelback?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at AmeriSchools Academy – Camelback in the comment section to help other readers!

AmeriSchools Academy – Camelback
1333 W. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85013


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