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American Leadership Academy-Queen Creek Review

The American Leadership Academy opened their Queen Creek campus in 2010 to provide students in kindergarten through 12th grade with a unique educational opportunity. The charter school uses a well-rounded educational environment that allows students to learn in a nurturing and caring learning environment.

The curriculum focuses on mastering all core subjects but with instills a recognition of the freedoms found in America as well as works with students to ensure they appreciate the freedoms as well as appreciate history and the world. With these set goals, the school provides a great learning environment for students to grow into productive citizens. Shurley English, Spalding, and Singapore Math are the main curriculum methods.

The teachers work along side parents to ensure the needs of each child are met as well as the goals of the school through a type of interactive education that works on the whole child including instilling quality interactive qualities. The school does hold the students responsible for their actions and for their education, however, teachers work closely to ensure each child is using their full potential to succeed. The student body has more freedom in the way the assignments are completed but teachers are always willing to give advice and support to ensure the assignment is completed correctly.

Parents are happy with the results seen in their children not only in the grades but also in the way the children are communicating and engaging in other activities.

High school students have more options when it comes to their educational opportunities with all elementary and middle school classes preparing high school students for this step in their education. The STEM method of educating is in place in the high school, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This allows students to use the internet to enhance the learning opportunities and give them more freedom in their own educational experience.

Since the school only opened in 2010, there are no test results to show how the students rank in their overall mastering of subjects, however, parents have exclaimed that their children are doing better in all aspects of education once enrolling in the American Leadership Academy.

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American Leadership Academy-Queen Creek
22719 S. Ellsworth Rd. Suite 103
Queen Creek, AZ 85142



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