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American Leadership Academy-Gilbert Review

American Leadership Academy opened the Gilbert campus charter school in 1997 for students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The school is supported through state as well as public education funds; however, it is operated privately. The curriculum is a bit different in that it focuses on mastering and achieving goals set in subject matter, but adds to that a appreciation and recognition of the freedoms found in the United States, the world, and history. The curriculum used in the school is Spalding, Singapore Math, and Shurley English.

Staff and teachers work together with parents to ensure that each child can achieve their goals in school and out via a strong foundation of education as well as interaction with peers, staff, and the community. The school holds personal responsibility and accountability as high standards for both the staff and student body. Students are given as much freedom of expression as possible along with the support needed to accomplish each assignment.

Parents are very impressed with the curriculum that does challenge the students, teachers that go beyond to help students comprehend and attain their goals, and the administration staff that stays abreast of all occurrences in the school.

Recently, students in all grades took the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards to measure how well the students were mastering the standards set forth by the state of Arizona. The test is only given to students in 3rd through 8th grades and 10th grade.

Third grade students that passed the reading test were 79% with the state average at 76%, in math 68% passed with the state average at 68%, the writing exam was given in 2009 with 69% of students passing with a state average of 79%,

Fourth graders percentages were 79% in reading with state averages at 75%, science 70% with state figures being 60%, and math percentage was 57% with the state average at 65%. The writing exam was given in 2009 with 100% of students passing the exam and the state average at 83%.

93% of fifth graders passed the test in reading with the state average being 79%, 71% in writing with the state at 55%, and 69% in math with the state average at 63%.

Sixth graders passing the test in reading was 85% with the state at 81%, in writing 61% passed and in the state 56% passed, and in math the student percentage was 56% and the state average was 59%.

82% of 7th graders passed the exam while 82% statewide passed in reading, in writing 55% of the school passed and in the state 53%, and in math 57% passed at American Leadership Academy while 61% statewide passed.

8th graders passing the test was at 79% with a state average of 71% in reading, in science the percentage was 68% with the state at 63%, and in math the students passing were 47% and the state average at 54%.

Have you studied at American Leadership Academy-Gilbert?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at American Leadership Academy-Gilbert in the comment section to help other readers!

American Leadership Academy-Gilbert
17019 S. Greenfield Road
Gilbert, AZ 85295


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