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AllSport Academy Review

AllSport Academy opened in 2000 to blend academics with sports in a way that students will take pride in their country, community, government, and the laws. The school offers an education to students in 5th through 8th grades and takes pride in the blend of education that promotes good members of society.

The curriculum includes core subjects including English, literature, history, science, and math in a student-oriented environment along with field trips that enhance the learning experience with social interaction. Teachers and staff work together to give students the opportunity to become involved in the class instead of sitting and listening to a teacher all day.

Even though the school blends athletic programs with educational classes, even those that are not interested in sports will be able to succeed in the sports related adventures. All activities are age appropriate as well as ensure that each student has the ability to participate.

Of course, the school is centered on athletes and the non-athletes will still be expected to become involved in light work out programs as well as students with injuries stopping them from being as involved as other students.

The AllSport Academy offers a few after school activities, which includes softball, flag football, soccer, and basketball. The next activities that are planned as the school grows will be horticulture, equestrian riding, art, tennis, and golf. The school places a large portion of their day working on athletic programs so students can enjoy a future as a college player, professional athlete or to become better physical fit.

Parents have missed emotions regarding this type of educational environment. Some believe that with obesity on the rise that this physical education is an important factor that needs to be addressed.

Another parent was not happy at all with the staff that seems to be very close to the students in so much so the male teachers are texting the female students even after school hours and on weekends. Teachers take students on field trips without sending home permission slips and the main focus is on athletics instead of education.

The class size is small which is a plus, but you must have a student that enjoys sports or they are not going to enjoy going to school.

The Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards test was administered to 7th graders at AllSport Academy. In reading, 43 percent of the students meet or exceeded the standards while 82% in the state meet or exceeded the requirements. In writing only 15% of students passed the test while 57% in the state of Arizona passed. None of the students passed the math requirements while the state average was 61%. 8th graders were also tested with results being 50% in reading with the state average at 71%, in science 24% and state average at 63%, in math the only 6% passed with the state average being 54%.

With test results like these, I must agree with some parents that believe there needs to be more attention spent on academics than sports related activities.

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AllSport Academy
8570 E. 22nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85710


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