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Alhambra College Preparatory High School Review

Alhambra College Preparatory High School opened in 2009 for students in 9th and 10th grades to help students be better prepared for college courses. All courses are designed to help the mostly Hispanic neighborhood excel in classes where other public schools were failing the needs of the students. The school not only provides the academic requirements for students to entire college but also provides students with the chance to explore and learn more about the cultural, community, and civic opportunities along with the inspiration to excel in their chosen career.

Alhambra College Preparatory High School is provides both high school and advanced placement classes along with a more personal learning environment to ensure all students can succeed in an ever changing world. The student body of Alhambra College Preparatory High School was 66% Hispanic with the rest of the students being of diverse cultures.

The school uses the TerraNova series of tests to assess the general knowledge of students in all core subjects with results compared to other students within the district and the state of Arizona. All students receive a percentile rank, which provides a performance account that compares to other students across the nation. The main goal of all students is to receive a score that is above the national average or at least 50% of the test. The test was given to 10th grade students each year. The results showed that students in this school scored 85% in math, the district percentage was 85, and the national average was 60%. In reading students scored 97%, the district percentage was 97, and the national average was 78%. In science, the students scored a percentage of 79, the district score was 79%, while the national average was 42%. In writing the score was 88%, the district average was 88%, and the national average was 68%.

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Alhambra College Preparatory High School
3802 West Maryland
Phoenix, AZ 85019


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