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Alaska Native Cultural Charter School Review

A success right from its inception, the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School in the Anchorage School District aims at closing the divide between Western education and Alaska Native culture. It offers unique education to students up to the 7th grade. The curriculum focuses on Alaska Native culture along with a rigorous academic program that ensures a child’s academic achievement of the highest level.

The dream of concerned citizens and parents to create a charter school that meets the needs of Alaska Native and Native American students in the Anchorage area was fulfilled in the year 2007, when Alaska Native Cultural Charter School opened its doors to K-6 students. In 2009, a preschool program was started and the introduction of 7th grade took place in 2010.

Enrollment into grades K-7 is done through a lottery system, where an ASD Lottery Form needs to be submitted. Alaska Native Cultural Charter School made remarkable gains in achievement scores in just a few years.  In some cases, the performance in statewide tests has been dramatic.  Proficiency rates in state reading tests, writing and math for the school have risen by more than 10 points since 2009.

The Alaska Department of Education recognized this school as one of the two distinguished Title I schools in Alaska.  It won the award for helping students who score lower than average on tests, achieve. Students at this school train for weight carry, stick pull and other skills for the Native Youth Olympics, while others carve soapstone. Several activities take place in this school, which is a remodeled furniture store.

110 Muldoon Road
Anchorage, AK 99504
Phone: (907) 575-6195

[google-map-sc address=”Alaska Native Cultural Charter School, 110 Muldoon Rd., Anchorage, AK 99504″]


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