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Alameda Community Learning Center Review

Alameda Community Learning Center is a charter school that opened in 2001 for students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The school offers a very different style of learning than you see at a traditional school setting. The school offers a multi-grade and self directed learning environment with a project based curriculum that utilizes collaboration and teamwork.

A glimpse into the classroom most are surprised as the school uses a seminar setting that is more like a group discussion that a teacher led classroom. This type of learning structure provides students with the chance to join in on the discussion as well as enjoy various activities as well.

The school offers a variety of great factors including the Baobob Tree, which is the area, used for group projects or even for personal time to read a book or do research on a Macbook. The Treehouse is for kindergarten through 5th graders to enjoy special activities outside of the homeroom. Students can work on projects on their own as well as enjoy games and puzzles.

Kindergarteners through 5th graders are allowed to make a choice weekly of an experience they would like to enjoy which can include building blocks or other activities as well as challenge games, digital music production, potions, intro to Japanese, and more. 6th graders to 11th graders also have options including film studios, digital music, journalism, and leadership, to name a few.

Along with core subjects, students can also participate in extra curricular activities, which include drama, sculpture, band, computer arts, drawing, and film production. Sports available at the school include yoga, water polo, track, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, tennis, softball, swimming, physical education classes, martial arts, football, crew, cross country, cheerleading, baseball, and basketball. Student clubs include science & technology, yearbook, multimedia, newspaper, and student government. The school also offers a vocational program in technology.

Parents are more than thrilled with the school. Students are doing very well in the school and want to attend school. Some students that were not doing well in traditional school including ones that had behavioral issues are doing extremely well at this school. Teachers, staff, and administration work with students on a personal level to help each student excel and reach their goals. Most parents expressed that the school’s learning environment is very different from a traditional school setting and one that actually works to help students learn.

A look at the California Standards Tests results show that students at Alameda Community Learning Center were above state average in most grade levels and most courses. Math was the only problem area with a few grades below a bit below average.

With the tests scores and the comments from parents, the school is doing a good job preparing students for college or joining the workforce. However, since the school learning environment is quite different, it would be best to take a tour and ensure it is the best setting for your child prior to enrolling.

Have you studied at Alameda Community Learning Center?
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Alameda Community Learning Center
210 Central Ave., Rm. 603
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: 510-521-7543


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