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Aim High Institute Charter School Review

Aim High Institute Charter School opened in 2009 offers a very unique educational environment for grades kindergarten through 8th. The school had plans to grow to include 9th through 12th grades by 2012.

The unique international curriculum focuses on teaching methods unlike most charter schools in the United States, which uses methods from around the world including Mandarin and Arabic languages as well as Singapore Science. All students beginning in kindergarten will be offered classes in Arabic or Chinese. The main curriculum is based on STEMG, which includes mathematics, engineering, science, technology, and Globalism, which helps students solve problems by applying the methods they have learned. All classes are college preparatory and follow a strict guideline for all students to ensure that when they reach high school grades they will be in AP classes, which are advanced placement courses with some students being ready to receive college credits during their high school years.

What sets this charter school apart is the bilingualism and globalism that not only uses the basic STEM curriculum but also takes it a step further by offering students their choice of Arabic or Chinese/Mandarin languages.

REcently the school had 86 students enrolled in Aim High Institute Charter School with 60% being Asian, 21% while, and the remainder a diverse cultural mix. The school expects high standards from all students and provides highly qualified teachers to ensure that each student receives a quality education that exceeds the standards set forth by the state of Arizona.

Have you studied at Aim High Institute Charter School?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Aim High Institute Charter School in the comment section to help other readers!

Aim High Institute Charter School
1375 N. McClintock Dr.
Chandler, AZ 85226


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