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Adventure Academy Review

Adventure Academy opened in 2005 with only 13 students and has grown to 59 students enrolled on average per year. The school provides an education to students in kindergarten through third grade in Tucson. The school has very small classrooms, which aids in a more personal one on one teaching opportunity. The school is a tuition free public charter school. The alternative method of teaching in the state of Arizona has provided students a better learning environment with smaller classrooms and high-qualified educators with all teachers receiving certification from the state of Arizona. Since Adventure Academy is a public school, all students are eligible to attend the school.

Adventure Academy provides a curriculum that adheres to state requirements and does provide other programs include before and after school services. Both programs are licensed by the Department of Health Services and Department of Economic Security.

The student body is diverse with various cultures with percentages being 61% white, 27% Hispanic, along with other cultures. The school participates in testing provided by the state known as Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards. This test measures the knowledge of students to ensure they are learning at or above state standards. The only grade level that is tested present at Adventure Academy is third grade. All students tested met or exceeded the requirements of the tests.

Parents enjoy the small close-knit learning environment with teachers staying with their class throughout the entire including recesses. This in parent’s opinion not only helps their children learn but also provides the teacher with the ability to get to know the students on a personal level, which aids in the learning process.

Adventure Academy welcomes parent involvement and offers a variety of events including fund raising programs. A few of the events offered to bring parents, teachers, and students together include Ice Cream Social, Welcome BBQ, Open House, Thanksgiving Feast, Harvest Party, and Spring Festival to name a few. The school also works with various businesses in the community to help bring more money into the school to provide quality educational tools.

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Adventure Academy
5757 East Pima Street
Tucson, AZ 85712


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