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Adams Traditional Academy Review

The Adams Traditional Academy opened in 2009 as a public charter school in Phoenix. The school provides an educational opportunity for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

The curriculum at Adams Traditional Academy meets or exceeds Arizona state standards and uses the Spalding Language Arts program, which means it is phonics based. A unique teaching method is the introduction to Latin in grades 2nd through 8th, which has proved to benefit students in different educational factors. Other foreign languages are started in 7th grade and will continue through 8th grade. Students are evaluated on regular intervals to ensure their progress in foreign languages is improving as well as all other subjects.

Along with the core subject’s math, geography, science, writing, and reading, other supplemental courses are used to enhance the educational experience. These programs include music lab, art lab, science lab, and technology lab. Physical Education is also included in the core subjects to ensure all students not only improve their brainpower but their physical well being as well.

Any student that requires special education, attention is provided to ensure that each student can succeed using the standards set forth by the state of Arizona. A program for gifted students is also available.

Extracurricular activities offered at Adams Traditional Academy include the art club, band, basketball, cheerleading, choir, painting, dance, Eagles Nest, summer camp, and sports including football, martial arts, science club, soccer, swim team, softball, and volleyball. The sports are divided into boys and girls sports with differences being boys can join football and softball along with the other sports opportunities and girls can join all sports except for softball and football.

Parents of the school are excited with the educational opportunities provided by the school as well as the caring staff. The standards set by the school including the goal-oriented programs are among the top reasons parents are happy with the school.

The campus includes the classrooms, cafeteria, computer rooms, sports fields, playground, gym, and a garden, which is part of the garden club. The school has only been opened three years and does not have any test scores available; however, it has received a state rating of excelling.

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Adams Traditional Academy
2323 W. Parkside Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027


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