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ACE Charter High School-South Campus (Youthworks High School) Review

ACE Charter High School – South Campus better known as Youthworks High Schools is a charter school established in 2009 after the north campus school showed improvement in the amount of graduating seniors that were at one time considered “at risk” to graduating. The students at this school are provided with a unique learning environment that supports their educational needs via a more one on one method of teacher backed by web-based instruction.

The school caters to students that are seniors in their 4th or 5th year of high school but are not enrolled in school, seniors that are enrolled but do not have enough credits to graduate, students that are at risk due to attendance, students at risk due to poor academic performance, or other issues that have placed the students at risk of not graduating.

The school is not only a charter school but is defined as an alternate educational facility providing students with tools for independent learning where they can study at their own pace. The core curriculum does meet Arizona state standards, which include math, arts, social studies, and science.

The educational programs offered at the Ace Charter High School are based on learning objectives that will help each student become accomplished at the core curriculum while helping them prepare to be successful in the workforce or for those college bound.

The curriculum is completely internet based with interactive experiences making the classes a more hands on program. Traditional tools are also blended into the curriculum to ensure that all educational tools are available to better serve each student as an individual instead of as a classroom as whole.

The internet based curriculum offers user friendly interface, video and audio files that make the lessons come to life, illustrations that demonstrate the concepts, slide show presentation that are individually controlled, links to promote self learning, along with games that help inspire the lesson.

Students have access to teachers in real time via the internal message center as well as online help available at all times. The software program used can be customized to fit the needs of each student along with the teachers in the classroom are there for any extra help a student may need.

Have you studied at ACE Charter High School-South Campus (Youthworks High School)?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at ACE Charter High School-South Campus (Youthworks High School) in the comment section to help other readers!

ACE Charter High School-South Campus (Youthworks High School)
1915 E. 36th Street
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: 520-628-8316

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