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ACE Charter High School-North Campus Review

ACE Charter High School opened the North Campus in Tucson, Arizona in 1996 and is a charter school for students in 9th through 12th grades. The school was designed especially for students that need a different style of learning environment than what could be found at most public schools.

The schools offers the most advanced educational tools available to ensure that each student can and will succeed with a curriculum that is individualized for each student and uses computer assisted instruction. The school excels at graduating individuals that are ready to become outstanding leaders of the community or to go on to secondary education. The school uses both conventional and computerized learning tools that ensure that students can excel at all levels of learning. Social as well as academic goals are at the center of the learning environment where students can enjoy art classes, chess groups, and a journalism club.

All students enrolled in ACE Charter High School are those that are at risk of not graduating for whatever reason. This can be anything from missed credits, a learning disability, or even absences. The staff and educators work with each student to ensure they are receiving the best quality education via a one on one approach to learning. Teachers work closely with students in order to discover the best teaching methods that will aid each student in accomplishing their goals for graduation as well as becoming productive members of their community and society as a whole.

The school does have charge tuition, offers career counseling along with college counseling, and has small size classrooms, with flexible scheduling. Students must attend school five days per week and at least five hours per day, but can choose to attend morning or afternoon classes. Of course, students can attend all day classes for a full eight hours if desired.

A day at school begins with web-based curriculum, instructions from educators, one on one attention if needed. Graduating requirements for students attending the school with plans to graduate in the past included 4 credits in English, 3 credits in Math, 2 credits in Science, 3 credits in Social Studies, 1 credit in Fine Art, and 7 credits in Electives, for a total of 20 credits. Starting for those graduating in 2013 the amount of credits will change to 4 credits in English, 2 credits in Math, 2 credits in Math, 2 credits in Science, 2 ½ credits in Social Studies, 1 credit in Fine, and 8 ½ credits in Electives for a total of 20 credits.

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ACE Charter High School-North Campus
1929 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520-628-8316


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