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ACCLAIM Academy Review

ACCLAIM Academy is offers a quality education for students in kindergarten through 8th grades home in Phoenix. The school offers a very different method when it comes to education in that along with the core curriculum approved by the state of Arizona the school implements the goal of D.O.V.E., which is a “virtues based discipline program”.

The quality and exceptional educational tools used are great for instilling upstanding citizens that can be leaders of their community. With many schools having issues with discipline and unacceptable behavior, ACCLAIM Academy stresses their own set of discipline methods outlined with their D.O.V.E. program. This program works to set concrete boundaries, recognize the moments when students can be taught, and instill virtues in all students.

The main rules set forth by this program is that each student is responsible for the safety as well as the learning of others, do the best you can along with doing what is expected from teachers and staff, and that students are held accountability throughout their school day. If the student does not honor the accountability, they will receive a punishment, if the honor is accepted they will be rewarded.

All staff and educators are expected to live up to the same standards as set forth by the school to be true models for the students. All school staff, teachers, and parents work together to ensure the best learning environment is met so that each student can excel.

Along with the core curriculum, the school offers classes in art like computer arts, dance, and drawing, languages such as Spanish and Latin. The school does not offer any type of sports activities and only offers one special program, which is yearbook.

The schools main emphasis besides the curriculum is the dress code and disciplinary actions. All infractions no matter how small will be dealt with in the manner set forth in the student guidelines. Bullying is totally not allowed and will result in the appropriate disciplinary actions. Students can and do enjoying learning in a structured environment where all students are treated equally in a quality and caring learning environment.

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Please provide a brief review of your experience at ACCLAIM Academy in the comment section to help other readers!

5350 W. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85031
Phone: 623-691-0919


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