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Accelerated Learning Laboratory Review

Accelerated Learning Laboratory was established in 1997 located in Tucson for students in kindergarten through 10th grade. The school provides a more advanced education for students that excel and are considered gifted in core curriculum subject matter. The school provides a very high quality education along with accelerated learning tools to help students learn critical thinking, problem solving techniques, social skills, work skills, and cooperation in a nurturing environment.

The school has a goal to prove that every child when given the proper tools and a comprehensive curriculum can go beyond gifted performance when blended with quality educational practices. The education model used at the school will ensure that all students will be better prepared to become successful leaders of society and their community.

The educational standards set forth by the school provide students with a college preparatory curriculum as well as advanced instruction. The curriculum has been approved by the state of Arizona and ensures the well-rounded development of each side besides just academic achievement. All students in grade 9th and up are required to participate in other college and secondary school classes and receive credits for their participation. These programs include dual college enrollment, advanced placement course, and concurrent college enrollment.

Accelerated Learning Laboratory offers art class including computer arts, dance, drawing/painting, and ceramics/sculpture and foreign languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish. Sports offered at the school include soccer, basketball, baseball, martial arts/ self-defense, swimming, P.E. classes, and track. Other programs available include a Lake Powell Houseboat field trip, academic contests, San Diego Zoo and Science Museum field trips, newspaper, Grand Canyon field trip, student council, Rock Hounding field trips, school camp-in, community service, Pacific Ocean field trip, debate, tai chi, science & technology, after dark star gazing, Zion Canyon field trip, and yearbook.

The school campus offers a wide array of activities with playgrounds, two swimming pools, basketball court, soccer field, tennis tables, two baseball fields, three computer labs, two science laboratories, and a visual arts studio.

Testing is mandatory to ensure each student is excelling. An example of testing scores include the state average for 3rd graders in reading was 76%, the students here received a score of 92% and in math, and the state average was 68% students here tested at 72%. Students in 4th grade received an average score of 90% with the state average at 75%; science had students on average with a test score of 86% while the state average was 60%, in math students scored average of 86% with a state average of 65%. All other grades 5th thru 8th tested exceeding the state averages as well.

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Accelerated Learning Laboratory
5245 N. Camino de Oeste
Tucson, AZ 85745
Phone: 520-743-2256


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