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Accelerated Learning Center Review

The Accelerated Learning Center is a unique school offering educational opportunities for students in 9th through 12th grades in Phoenix, Arizona. The school opened in July 1997 and since that time has successfully aided 2,000 students graduate and receive their high school diploma.

The Accelerated Learning Center is one that works with students that are considered to be at risk meaning not meeting credit goals or other goals that would allow them to graduate high school. The school has a proven record of helping students earn their high school diploma with various educational tools that are designed for each student separately instead of for a classroom as a whole. Students can apply year round to attend the Accelerated Learning Center, which will improve their chances of graduating with individualized training.

The major difference between this school and other charter schools is that school works with students individually in a unique environment that is personal for each student.

Each student will be constantly monitored to ensure they are performing well and if needed modify any courses to ensure the student can and will graduate.

All classes are led by well-qualified and certified teachers, which work with their students on an individual basis. The main goal of the school is to ensure students receive a quality education that will help them become leaders of their community and succeed in their own career choices.

To ensure that accomplishments are met for each student, teachers and educators meet once each month to discuss the progress of each student as individuals instead of as a group. Once per year, the student and educators will plan the years work schedule, goals, and classes to help the student stay on track for success.

Half-day courses, credit recover courses; volunteer credits, extracurricular credits, and work-study credits are also offered or can be earned. The small classrooms and individual attention helps each student achieve their goals no matter if the student plans on going to college or enters the workforce as community leaders ready to do their part in society.

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Accelerated Learning Center
4105 E. Shea Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: 602-485-0309


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