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Academy with Community Partners Review

Academy with Community Partners is a charter school that is NCA accredited providing an education for students in 9th through 12th grades in Mesa, Arizona. This school is a bit different than the normal public school as it provides students with a different learning environment in that the school week is only four days. The school boasts offering small classes and more personal and individualized teaching.

Other unique aspects of the Academy with Community Partners include that students only have 2 classes during a 6 week block with a 20 minute break during each class that lasts three hours. The campus offers an open campus one hour lunch break. Students never take home any classwork as it is done in class home. This way, teachers are available to help students in aspects of learning. All college preparatory courses meet state standards. The school offers various after schools clubs and activities which include sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball with clubs being hiking club, green team, leadership council, and non-league sports. In 2011, the student body was 53% Hispanic with 100% of all students speaking Spanish at home as the first language.

In the state of Arizona, all students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 10 must take the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards to evaluate the progress of the school as well as to ensure the school is meeting or exceeding state standards. The tests for the above grades included reading, writing, math, and science. Before students can graduate from Academy with Community Partners they must pass the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards test in 10th grade. If any student does not pass the exam, they will need to retake the exam prior to graduating.

The grade in percentages of the 10th graders attending Academy with Community Partners include a 58% in reading with the state average at 66%, science 16% with the state average at 42%, writing 37% with the state average at 68%, and math 34% with the state average at 60%. Students and parents both state the teachers and principal are involved with the students and want them to succeed. However, in most state ratings, Academy with Community Partners is below average due to state testing scores.

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Academy with Community Partners
433 North Hall
Mesa, AZ 85203


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