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Academy of Tucson Middle School Review

The Academy of Tucson Middle School is one of the campuses of the Academy of Tucson Schools providing students with a high quality education that prepares students for life via a college prep curriculum. The school is a wonderful transitional school for students in 6, 7, and 8th grades allowing students the opportunity to leave behind elementary school and be prepared for the educational opportunities of high school. The teachers and staff understand the difficulties during this transitional period and work with each student individually to ensure that they can and will succeed.

This charter school is a type of public school only that it is governed by educators, educational faculty, community leaders, and parents to help ensure the success of every student.

Along with college prep courses, the middle provides an exceptional learning environment with caring qualified teachers and staff that work as team with parents. The classrooms are small and have the latest educational tools including computers to aid students in excelling in all phases of learning from English to extracurricular activities.

Each year the state of Arizona along with North Central Association of Colleges and Schools provides testing to ensure the school is still providing the highest standards as well as shows improvement in all phases of educational opportunities. Academy of Tucson Middle School has been accredited and adheres to all rules and regulations set forth by state standards. Staff, teachers, and parents are proud of the work that has been achieved to ensure the school meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the state.

In recent years, the students have performed excellent in testing including in writing all 8th graders received 100%, in Math all students tested received 100%, and in Writing, all students received 100%. The latest test results have not been published, but as the accreditation and excellent ranking are still in place, it can be assumed the school is still on the top of the list for providing an excellent education.

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Academy of Tucson Middle School
2300 North Tanque Verde Loop R
Tucson, AZ 85749


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