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Academy of Tucson High School Review

The Academy of Tucson High School is in the trio of schools known as the Academy of Tucson. The school adheres to Arizona state standards and provides an exceptional college prep curriculum for students. The Academy of Tucson is actually three separate campuses established in 1986 as a private school. In 1999, the three schools became charter schools, which entitled them to be tuition free public schools including the Academy of Tucson High School.

Each student is tested as to his or her achievements to ensure that the best quality education is being provided and that all students have the opportunity to succeed via caring teachers and the most advanced educational tools in the industry.

The high not only provides a college prep curriculum but also has a caring and encouraging staff that wants each student to succeed in all endeavors including off campus activities and social encounters. The high school works toward specific goals including graduating leaders of the community. This is accomplished by not only providing the educational needs to enter college but classes in other subjects as well including art, sports, and special programs. The art programs include theater, drawing, chorus, computer arts, band, and orchestra. Sports offered at the high school are cross-country, basketball, soccer, softball, track, volleyball, and baseball. Students are encouraged to join special programs like student council, student government, community service, yearbook, and science and technology.

The state of Arizona tests the overall performance of public schools in their state each year using the AZ Learns Achievement Profile. The Academy of Tucson High School has an overall excelling rating, which is the highest available rating on the scale.

Students, parents, teachers, and staff work together as team to ensure the success of each student to have the skills necessary to successfully achieve their goals in life whether that is to enter college or the workforce. The overall education tools and well-educated teachers provide one of the best environments for students of all levels to accomplish or exceed their goals while nurturing community leaders of the future to be the best they can be in an ever-changing world.

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Academy of Tucson High School
10720 East 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85748



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