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Academy of Tucson Elementary School Review

Academy of Tucson Elementary School

Academy of Tucson Elementary School is just one of the facilities in the Academy of Tucson group providing an excellent learning environment on a safe campus. The elementary school offers educational opportunities for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

The schools offers a small close knit community offers a strict curriculum but one that can be accomplished as teachers work to ensure every student succeeds whether in the classroom or during social and athletic activities.

The Academy of Tucson was founded in 1986 and became chartered at that time by the state ofArizona. The Academy of Tucson Elementary School opened in 2000.

All classes adhere to a preparatory college curriculum that encourages all students to excel via the faculty and teachers that are not just teachers but caring well educated and respected individuals that work as a team to ensure excellence.

The curriculum meets all standards provided by the state ofArizonaand then goes beyond. The educational program is more than just an elementary school but will cater to the needs of each student personally. The learning styles differ to meet the needs of each student instead of providing the same style to ensure all students have the same chances to receive a quality education.

In the classrooms, various methods of education tools are used to enhance the learning environment, which includes technical instruction, visual instruction, hands on learning, textbooks, and group learning. In some instances, the students will also go on field trips in the community to enhance specific aspects of various educational subject matter.

Not only does the Academy of Tucson Elementary School provide a well rounded curriculum but also classes in library, music, art, and physical education which also aids in student’s growth physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The school is accredited by The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, also known as North Central. In order to become accredited each school must meet exceptional high standards, show quality assurance via external review, and show improvement at all times. All accredited schools meet the seven assurance review standards and are reviewed once every five years to ensure the school is still in line with the standards set forth by the Quality Assurance Review, which is the process each school must follow in order to keep the accredited status.

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Academy of Tucson Elementary School
9209 E. Wrightstown Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85715
Phone: 520-886-6076


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