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Academy of Math and Science Review

Academy of Math and Science is a tuition-free charter school in Tucson, Arizona, that has been given the distinction of being a highly performing K-12 school with an “A” rating, by the Arizona Department of Education. It enrolls around 300 students with a growing wait list, and offers superior education in the curriculum taught, while focusing on advanced math and science, their processes and application.

The school has been operational since 2001 and has from the beginning been serious about student achievement. This set the Academy of Math and Science apart from most other schools, earning it several honors, including accreditation by the American Academy for Liberal Education and Federal and state awards for academic excellence. This success led to the creation of the Math and Science Success Academy (MASSA) in 2008.

The Academy of Math and Science also strongly focuses on at-risk students from various backgrounds. It won the National Blue Ribbon Award for its high level of performance focusing on low-income students. It has also been named one of America’s Best High Schools by the US News and World Reports. Small classes and a private-school quality of education make this school the best choice.

The school also offers several programs and initiatives, such as offering scholarships for all extracurricular activities, including free professional guitar, art and piano classes. Free after school tutoring is also made available. Students of this school have received recognition and several awards at the Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

1557 W. Prince Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520-293-2676


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