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Academy Del Sol – Hope Review

Academy Del Sol – Hope is a public charter school that is a part of Academy Del Sol Inc. school district. With a mission of providing students an intellectually, bodily and spiritually nurturing education, it encourages students to learn by doing. This fine arts school offers classes from Kindergarten through grade 7, and all students regardless of their status are welcome to join.

The school is relatively new and opened its doors in 2010, in the Southwest-Elvira neighborhood. Academy Del Sol – Hope is founded by experienced and knowledgeable instructors and school leaders who were a part of the initial charter school movement in the United States. They bring with them an exceptional understanding of the educational process.

The teachers at Academy Del Sol – Hope have been in the news for their achievements. For example, they were finalists for the Teacher of the Year Award, and known for their extensive experience and impressive classroom management skills. This dedication to the field of education transforms into a unique opportunity for children to get the best possible learning.

While most schools offer “special” programs once a week, the fine arts program at Academy Del Sol – Hope is taught on a daily basis. Four out of the five categories in a competition named, “Tomorrow’s Designers,” which is an architecture competition, have been won by the students of this school. A fully-equipped dance studio keeps students occupied outside of academics. The student’s intellect, body and spirit are nurtured at this school.

6740 S. Santa Clara Ave
Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone: 520-325-2800


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