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Academics Plus Charter School Review

Academics Plus Charter School opened their doors in Maumelle in 2001 for students in kindergarten through 12th grade offering a college prep program. The school stresses the importance of a quality education for all students regardless of origins, national background, socioeconomic level, ethnic origins or race. The administration and teachers believe that ability, effort, attendance, attitude, and behavior altogether determine if students will be successful academically.

The school offers a challenging and exciting environment unlike traditional schools where students receive the attention they deserve in small class size and caring teachers. The school may have classes for gifted students, however, the school works closely with all students to ensure they succeed. Along with core subjects, the school offers computer sciences, foreign language, photography, dance, drawing, drama, computer arts, band, video production, basketball, cheerleading, golf, physical education classes, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, track, debate, science & technology, yearbook, student council, academic contests, community service, and newspaper

There have been some negative comments regarding the school over the last few years, however, a new administration is now in place and things are changing. The AIMS scores did go down a bit from previous years, but with the new strategies in place, most parents believe the environment as well as the curriculum will be improved. Even though the scores were a bit low in some grades, they were still close to average or better than most schools in the area. Parents are very pleased with the school, small class size, and the involvement of other parents. Teachers are dedicated and help students succeed while administration is working toward creating a better school for all.

In the state of Arkansas, the Benchmark Exam is used to test students. Students in 3rd through 11th grades are tests in literacy while students in 3rd through 8th grades are tested in math.

In literacy, 3rd graders were below state average but in previous years, the scores were above average, however, in math the scores were below state averages recently and in the past. 4th graders were in the average range for both literacy and math. 5th graders were above average in literacy and math. However, they were also tested in science and were below state average. 6th graders were average in literacy and below average in math. Seventh graders were above average in science and literacy, but below average in math. 8th graders were above average in literacy and below in math.

With the changes occurring at the school, it would be best to talk with staff and other parents before making a decision if the school is best for your child/children.

Have you studied at Academics Plus Charter School?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Academics Plus Charter School in the comment section to help other readers!

Academics Plus Charter School
900 Edgewood Dr.
Maumelle, AR 72113
Phone: 501-851-3333


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