Prof. Aaron Woolley

QuickBooks (How-To Guide) Beginner

Prof. Aaron Woolley

QuickBooks is today’s most popular and user-friendly accounting software for anyone to keep track of their finances—business or personal. Professor Aaron Woolley's lessons incorporate real-life examples with thorough step-by-step guides on everything from how to keep track of transactions, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, add customers, and best of all, how to save money. QuickBooks 2012 is used as the base program but all concepts and skills can be applied to both older and newer versions. Professor Woolley combines over 15 years of accounting and financial expertise with a detailed but concise teaching style. He is a Certified Intuit Pro-Advisor and an accounting consultant to various organizations.

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QuickBooks (How-To Guide) 3

Prof. Aaron Woolley

By Alex MoonSeptember 5, 2013
Finally! Quickbooks is here! I have been waiting for this for the past 6 months. Thank you!

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