Prof. Elizabeth Turro

Professor Elizabeth Turro has been teaching high school history for over 12 years. She has also worked as a curriculum consultant on several documentary films. She received her B.A. from Ithaca College as well as her teaching credentials and M.A. in History from CSULA.

AP US History Online Advanced

Prof. Elizabeth Turro, M.A.

Join Prof. Elizabeth Turro in her time-saving AP US History course that combines clear explanations of historical events with test-taking strategies. Prof. Turro ends the in-depth series by going through an entire previous year's AP exam to help you ace the test.

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AP US History Online 12

Prof. Elizabeth Turro, M.A.

By Rebecca SteinbachJanuary 21, 2018
I'm still confused :(
Why did the south have to be punished with 10% plan or Wade Davis Bill? What did they do?  I don't have much background about the civil war..
What is a union and why does it matter if they leave?
Please answer,
Thank you!
By Kathleen EtzelApril 6, 2016
Anyone interested more in the Second Red Scare, McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklists should watch the movie "Trumbo" (2015) with the amazing Bryan Cranston!  It's a bit long but really tells the story well!
By Rita SemaanDecember 29, 2015
Your slides are filled with a great amount of information and I would love to download them but I am unable to for more than half of your videos. Is there another way that I could download your slides?

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