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Physics Math Review

Math Review

Units It is very important in physics to use a standard set of units in all calculations so that we can discuss meaningful results. Predictions from theories or experimental results would make no sense unless uniform units are used throughout the calculations. Magnitudes of measurement can be compared much more ...

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Figure 1: irregularities on the surfaces of contact.

We encounter frictional forces in our daily lives. The force of resistance that you feel when you drag or push a box across the floor is due to the frictional force that occur at the surfaces of the box and the floor which are in contact. Frictional forces help us ...

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Difference Between AP Physics 1 & 2 and C

AP Physics 1 2 C

  Considering an AP Physics course? Outstanding, but which course should you take? The College Board now offers four separate and distinct versions of AP Physics, each designed with very different content, styles, and levels of mathematical complexity. Currently, the four physics courses offered are AP Physics 1, AP Physics ...

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