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Free Radical Halogenations

Free Radical Halogenations 1

Most reactions are linear: reactants turn into products. Organic reactions are more like a choose-your-adventure game with many possible destinations. Did you ever read a “choose-your-adventure” style book as a kid? It usually went something like this: You discover a dinosaur in your backyard. If you go up and talk ...

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Organic Reactions

Organic Reactions 1-02-01-01

How to Climb a Mountain, One Organic Reaction at a Time O-chem is full of stick figure structures and loopy reaction mechanisms. But to understand their thermodynamics and kinetics, you’ll have to climb a mountain first. Mountaineering isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough sport requiring physical strength, mental endurance, and ...

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Stereochemistry and 3D Molecules

Stereochemistry FI

3D structures leave many O-chem students as confused as Alice in Wonderland. But visualizing these molecules is as easy as believing seven impossible things before breakfast. Wonderland is not for the faint of heart, what with the Mad Hatter and his invisible tea party, the slightly menacing grin of the ...

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What is Organic Chemistry?

How to Study for Organic Chemistry 5

Taking organic chemistry is like working for a rock star: exhausting, but worth it if you like the music. What is it, do you need it, and is it really that hard? Pre-med and science degrees aren’t exactly known for being easy. But there are two words in particular that ...

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How to Survive Organic Chemistry Lab

Ochem Lab 1

  Chemistry is both an art and science. In the classroom, you study the science part—the way that carbon atoms form bonds and react to make interesting molecules. And as most chemistry students know, there is an awful lot of science to memorize. Where Science Meets Art Ironically, the lab ...

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