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Getting Financial Aid and Scholarships

Today times have changed and parents should stop worrying about the fees that they have to pay for there children’s education. Many colleges provide very many scholarships to the students every year. At times these scholarships may either be too hard to get or the money that is offered in these scholarships is so small that it can hardly cover the book expanses that the student incurs. So are scholarships really worth the effort or is it just a waste of time. So the question arises “Should you apply for scholarships or not?”. The answer the question is “YES” and here the reasons why:

5 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships
Your family may not be granted financial aid: So any money received is an added bonus because it reduces your college expanses.

Your college usually offers loans and not grants: In a situation were you only get loans and not grants from college it is advisable to get a scholarship because it will reduce your outstanding that you will have to pay college. Some colleges will have a loan to grants ratio which will decide the amount of loan you will get. It is in your interest to see that the amount received by you in form of scholarship is reduced from the amount of loan that you have taken.

Scholarships to fill your loan gaps: At times the college may not finance the entire amount required for your education. So when you received a scholarship, the money received may help you fill these loan gaps.

May require minimal effort: Sometimes getting a scholarship require minimum effort on your part. Some companies may give scholarships to students if they get the required score in their PSATs or some universities may give discounts to deserving students from their own funds.

Scholarship(s) won is a credit on your resume: The very fact that you have won scholarship(s) will only help in your future betterment.

Where to get Started:

It is always advisable to start looking for scholarships as early as in your junior year. Money paid to search for scholarships is not useful because people who you pay come up with endless list scholarships available were the aid that you will receive is very meager. Internet is a good way to search for scholarships.

You can also look into your own community. Here are some of the places you can search for scholarships

Clubs, teams and your guidance counselors: These people will prove to be a useful guide in your search for scholarship.

HRD: Many large companies give scholarships to children of there employees.

Unions: Some local or the national organization, or both, give scholarships.

Community’s service Organization: Organizations such has Rotary may give scholarships.

Professional Organizations: Certain professional organizations come out scholarships for members of there organizations.

Religious or Ethnic Organizations: Community specific organizations come out with scholarships for members of there community. Examples include Polish, Chinese and many others.

Government: The city, state or country may come out with scholarships. For example Georgia offers free tuition at there public college for students who maintain B average in school.


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