Prof. Laura Ryan, M.A.

Music Composition Intermediate

Prof. Laura Ryan, M.A.

Professor Laura Ryan uses her experience in both teaching and writing music to bring you a comprehensive lesson in music composition. With an in-depth analysis of classical, pop, and rock music, she teaches you how to use chord progressions to create tension and completion in your own compositions. Professor Ryan not only reviews basic theories, but also performs live keyboard demonstrations to emphasize musical concepts. By the end of the course, students will know how to create everything from a classical Bach-era composition to a modern pop song. Professor Ryan has 6+ years of music teaching experience, a Master’s in Music from Boston University, and also teaches Educator's Music Theory course.

Music Theory Intermediate

Prof. Laura Ryan, M.A.

In order to understand how music truly works, you must have a background in the notation and language of music. Professor Laura Ryan teaches Educator’s Music Theory Course and will guide you through an easy-to-understand introduction to music theory. Designed for a wide audience, this course is ideal for vocalists, musicians, and non-musicians alike. Professor Ryan teaches you the basics with the aid of entertaining listening exercises, on-screen keyboard playing, and plenty of examples in each video. Her course covers everything from Reading Notes on the Grand Staff, Identifying Major and Minor Scales on the Keyboard, Intervals, and Chords. Professor Ryan has 6+ years of music teaching experience along with a Master’s in Music from Boston University.

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Music Theory 8

Prof. Laura Ryan, M.A.

By Scott YangJuly 4, 2019
I used to have a piano teacher using Fixed Do

Fixed pulley and movable pulley
By r bennettDecember 2, 2015
i have a yamaha i'ts really good in my opinian
By Ajay KumarOctober 28, 2014
Still, you are a great mentor; helping me a lot in lessons...

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