Dr. Franklin Ow, Ph.D.

Dr. Franklin Ow obtained both his B.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. He currently teaches chemistry classes at three universities and has won multiple awards in his academic field.

General Chemistry Online Course Upper Intermediate

Dr. Franklin Ow, Ph.D.

Join Dr. Franklin Ow’s General Chemistry online course where he explains difficult concepts in easy-to-understand language and follows with plenty of step-by-step examples you will likely see on homework and exams.

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General Chemistry Online Course 10

Dr. Franklin Ow, Ph.D.

By Annie July 5, 2019
I can't seem to understand why B is a compound not an element either. Since and element consist only one kind of atom, while a compound consists of atoms of two or more different elements bound together. Can someone please answer this because I am totally confused.

Thank you!
By Pranav BrahmandamMarch 31, 2018
Hi Dr. Ow
The video is not playing after 21:23 Min.  I tried to log in second time too, but the problem persists.  

Thank You,
By Mohsin AlibrahimJuly 18, 2017
All due respect, but you are note are mess and you keep talking like a robot without so much elaboration. The atom is not something you see in your daily life so you can't talk like someone who is reciting bunch of common sense information

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