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Radical Parenting: Helicopter Parenting

Like a helicopter, parents who adopt this parenting method, tend to pay extremely close attention to their child’s or children’s experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. They are the types of parents who “hover” over their child while he completes his homework or sit at the back of the classroom on the first day of school. Helicopter parents also tend to be strong disciplinarians, who expect nothing but the best from their children. You may be familiar with the term “tiger mom,” made popular by the 2011 book Tiger Mother- Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. In the memoir, Chua uses the term “Tiger Mother” to mean a mother who is very strict about education and stern when enforcing the rules of her family.

However, parents who care a lot about their children usually have their child’s best-interest at heart. Chua later clarified that her mother was a good parent, whose tough-love parenting style helped her become the strong woman she is today. In addition, Katie Roiphe, author of “The Seven Myths of Helicopter Parenting,” reminds readers that helicopter parenting is not the product of “bad or pathetic people with deranged values … It is not necessarily a sign of parents who are ridiculous or unhappy or nastily controlling. It can be a product of good intentions gone awry, the play of culture on natural parental fears.”

And then there are the parents who do the complete opposite of hovering, un-parenting.


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