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Melting Point Lab Demonstration

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Melting Point Lab

Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • Definition of a melting point (mp)
  • Solid samples
  • Recording range of melting temperature
  • Melting point theory
  • Melting point tube
  • Effects of impurities on a melting point
  • Eutectic mixtures
  • Freezing point depression by solutes
  • Solid compound
  • Purity of samples
  • Identifying unknown solid
  • Recording a melting point
  • Tips, tricks, and warnings


About Dr. Laurie Starkey, Ph.D.

organic chemistry laurie starkey
organic chemistry laurie starkey






Dr. Laurie Starkey brings in her love of organic chemistry and helps students learn through visual models and real world examples. This course is crucial for students who wish to excel in Organic Chemistry in order to satisfy their degree or pre-medical requirements. Lessons go in depth and are followed with numerous examples similar to those found on organic chemistry exams and qualifying tests. Topics include everything from Stereochemistry to Nomenclature, Spectroscopy, and Laboratory Reviews. Dr. Laurie Starkey is also the author of “Introduction to Strategies for Organic Synthesis” (Wiley) and earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA. She has been teaching Organic Chemistry at the university level for over 15 years and most recently won the 2013 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Cal Poly Pomona’s highest teaching award.

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