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Have a “Glee”-ful Summer

The hit television show Glee is the inspiration for a different kind of summer camp this year. No one knows how many universities, community colleges, recreation centers or other camp venues will be offering their own version of Camp Glee, but at institutions all across the country students will be dancing and singing their way through the summer.

Why the sudden interest in choral stage performance? Glee is such a popular TV show that universities with show choirs report a huge increase in interest, and colleges without a show choir are creating them due to student demand.

Glee-based summer camps are very popular for elementary, middle and high school students, as there is currently a shortage of singing and dancing opportunities in public schools due to budget cuts. Parents see Camp Glee as an opportunity to take steps toward making up for shortfalls in fine arts educational offerings.

Many of the newly created Glee summer camps will feature final performances of songs from the television show or similar songs. The more rigorous camps will have students drilled on each song and dance to the point of perfection in an effort to provide a realistic view of life as a stage performer. Younger students will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere but still feel those opening night jitters at the final performance. At many camps participants will impersonate a Glee character but create their own endings for a twist on familiar plots. From all reports the Glee camps are going to be a big hit. Many camps already have waiting lists.

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