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organic chemistry melting point

Melting Point Lab Demonstration

Learn More Liked our video on melting point? Check out more lessons in our Organic Chemistry course at Melting Point Lab Topics covered in this lecture include: Definition of a melting point (mp) Solid samples Recording range of melting temperature Melting point theory Melting point tube Effects of impurities on a melting point Eutectic mixtures Freezing point depression by ...

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Substitution Reactions Organic Chemistry

Substitution Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Understanding the Substitution Reactions Want to Learn More? Liked our video on Substitution Reactions? Check out more lessons in our Organic Chemistry video course at Substitution Reactions Transcript: Let’s take a look at an example of such a reaction; here we have hydroxide reacting with chloromethane. Our product has, where the chlorine used to be on the carbon chain, ...

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Blood Anatomy Physiology Educator

Human Anatomy & Physiology: The Blood

What is Blood? Learn More Liked our video on blood? Check out more lessons in our Anatomy & Physiology course at Blood Lesson Transcript Hi and welcome back to This is the lesson on blood. Blood has numerous functions not just circulating fluids. It is the transport of nutrients, sugars, proteins, lipids, vitamins, etc. Gases, oxygen, and CO2 are ...

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