Prof. Matthew M., M.Eng.

Professor M. is a PHP developer with a Master’s in Engineering and has taught for 10+ years.

Advanced PHP Training with MySQL Advanced

Prof. Matthew M., M.Eng.

Professor Matthew M.'s Advanced PHP with MySQL course continues from his Introduction to PHP course but is also appropriate for those already well versed in PHP. Matthew again focuses on topics relevant to developers and works on real code in text editors as well as executing MySQL commands from the command prompt. A working web application program will also be developed throughout the course to build on new concepts learned. Topics covered include reading/writing files, object-oriented programming, cookies, MySQL databases, and MySQL commands. Downloadable code and homework solutions are included so students can follow along with the lessons.

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Introduction to PHP Intermediate

Prof. Matthew M., M.Eng.

As a self-taught PHP developer, Professor Matthew M. understands firsthand the difficulties encountered by newcomers to PHP. Join Matthew as he focuses on the topics most relevant to web developers looking to build their skill set by learning to add dynamic content and advanced functionality to their websites.

Advanced PHP Training with MySQL 12

Prof. Matthew M., M.Eng.

By Adil AlkarkhiMay 21, 2013
Dose fopen function open the file's name or the content of the file? thank you
By Lily TruongApril 4, 2013
Thanx for this particular module. It is very useful. Would you know where I can learn about Stored Procedures in
By Herve GnidehoueFebruary 10, 2012
Great explanation ! No doubt about it. Hats off

Introduction to PHP 8

Prof. Matthew M., M.Eng.

By dave smithAugust 3, 2015
can you please teach javascript as well? the javascript course on educator is not structured like your course. please!
By Steven MorrisonDecember 23, 2013
Good course, I enjoyed it! :)
By Shaleha KhanamOctober 16, 2013
Yes, it is a great explanation about arrays. Many thanks Mathew.

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