Prof. Toy Lei, M.S.

AJAX with jQuery Intermediate

Prof. Toy Lei, M.S.

Although “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” is a mouthful to say, learning it is easy. In this AJAX with jQuery course by Professor Toy Lei, you will learn from multiple code and real life examples from an instructor whose work is featured all over the internet from small internet startups to large Fortune 500 companies. Sample topics include jQuery Attributes, jQuery and CSS, jQuery Effects, and jQuery Plugins. Professor Lei graduated from MIT, worked in the MIT Media Lab, and has been a web developer since the early 1990s. Downloadable code is also included with each lesson so that you can easily follow along.

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AJAX with jQuery 8

Prof. Toy Lei, M.S.

By Mike KhanJanuary 21, 2013
You mentioned that one should be excellent in jQuery, Educator does not offer jQuery course. Is there another place I can learn jQuery
By Anthony ReynoldsDecember 2, 2012
I understand however it wouldnt pass the variable over to the php so i have recoded my href so it will allow for me to get a full page refresh. thank you for all of your help i have really learned so very much from these classes.
By Elwin sylvesterSeptember 4, 2012
This is funny. I've done some JQuery stuff and watched a couple of tuts but I've never seen this live stuff. So, I wanna thank you.

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