Dr. Cory Hills

Music History and Appreciation Intermediate

Dr. Cory Hills, D.M.A.

Dr. Cory Hills uses his years of experience as a music professor and percussionist to teach anyone interested in the development of music. He combines his engaging teaching style with singing dolls, musical samples, pop culture references, and YouTube videos to teach music history and appreciation. With an open mind and an inquisitive ear, Dr. Cory Hills makes connections from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, the Baroque Period, the Classical Period, the Romantic Period, the 20th Century, and beyond. Each era of music influences the next, and Dr. Hills trains your ear to recognize these influences on modern-day music.

18 ratings & 4 reviews

Music History and Appreciation 8

Dr. Cory Hills, D.M.A.

By CARABA DANIELAFebruary 1, 2015
Plsss plsss do a course only on Opera. You are great and I have been searching the entire internet for such a class. I am surer I am not the only one.
By Kenneth MontfortAugust 14, 2013
Thanks for an easy to understand series about music history - it was a good to listen to along the way
By Kenneth MontfortAugust 2, 2013
great video, Dr. Hill - I was in my seat rolling in laughter

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