Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

HTML 5 Beginner

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

Jim Hague combines 15+ years of developing media products and teaching web design classes to bring Educator's capstone HTML 5 course to life. Jim has a M.S. in Biogenetics but has spent his career working on 300+ websites using HTML and other powerful languages and software. Jim has grown along with the web and is able to teach HTML to brand new web developers or dive into the important changes in HTML 5 for experienced programmers. Downloadable code with each lesson also allows learners to program along with Jim as he builds a sample website utilizing the newest features learned. The course covers everything from New Features to Planning, Tags, Videos, Hyperlinking, and Forms.

74 ratings & 14 reviews

Internet Marketing, Intro Beginner

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

Jim Hague takes you through an informative and exciting course on e-marketing, including lessons featuring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other popular forms of social media. At the rate that technology develops today, it is essential for businesses to utilize new and innovative ways to market themselves to potential customers. Jim utilizes his 15+ years experience building websites, developing media products, and teaching social media to help maximize marketing plans with simple explanations for first-timers and advanced tips for experienced users. Topics include everything from SEO, social media, and SMS/e-mail marketing to blogging.

62 ratings & 2 reviews

WordPress Intermediate

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

Jim Hague helps you utilize WordPress to create spectacular websites without having to worry about coding. Jim has over 15+ years experience designing websites, developing media products, and creating dozens of WordPress sites. He covers both (free hosting) and (self hosting) and helps you choose and set up the best option. Jim teaches through tons of real world examples and makes technical jargon easy to understand. He goes over everything from setup, uploading media, editing themes, SEO, and widgets to syndicating and backing up your blog.

HTML 5 3

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

By SIMON XENITELLISDecember 22, 2014
What features in EditPad  attracted you ?
Is there a difference with NotePad++ ?
Thank you !
By Evilene SouzaNovember 17, 2014
UAUUU the class is amazing i am loving!!!!! high quality
By James ConnollyApril 15, 2014
I like the Scream composition you choose by Edward Munch. There is so much emotion in it. It is almost as if you can hear the guy about to scream. I honestly forgot who the artist was, and, for that reason, I am glad you incorporated into the lesson.  
Thank you

Internet Marketing, Intro 3

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

By Sina RostamApril 15, 2013
thanks foe the great video.I learned a lot on topic of community as well as sharing with other.
By Jorge GuerreroAugust 10, 2012
What about YouTube? Is that a good marketing tool? A lot of people use it to market products, including you guys at educator. I mean YouTube is how I found out about you.

WordPress 8

Prof. Jim Hague, M.S.

By Marie MehyJune 15, 2013
Thank you!

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