Dr. Grant Fraser, Ph.D.

Algebra 1 Intermediate

Dr. Grant Fraser, Ph.D.

In Educator's Algebra I course, instructor Dr. Grant Fraser walks you through the building blocks of mathematics, starting from Functions, Graphs, and Inequalities, to Factoring, Polynomials, and Rational Expressions. Utilizing his 27 years of teaching experience, UCLA educated (Ph.D and B.S.) Professor Fraser carefully explains each concept from multiple angles to ensure learners of any math ability can master Algebra. Dr. Fraser finishes off every idea with a reinforcing example in addition to the four worked-out video examples and things to remember at the end of each lecture.

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Algebra 2 Intermediate

Dr. Grant Fraser, Ph.D.

Dr. Grant Fraser leads Educator's Algebra II lecture series directly following Algebra I. Our most comprehensive mathematics syllabus covers everything from Matrices, Quadratic/Polynomial Equations, to Exponential/Logarithmic Relations, Conic Sections, and Sequences/Series. In addition to his 27 years of teaching experience, UCLA educated (Ph.D and B.S.) Professor Fraser has also directed summer institutes for 10 years which honed high-school math teachers' instructional skills. Applying his vast experience teaching both students and fellow educators, Dr. Fraser guides you through this course with clear explanations, plenty of worked-out examples, and detailed notes to make sure you effectively learned all concepts.

Algebra 1 8

Dr. Grant Fraser, Ph.D.

By Miriam RaveloJuly 17, 2013
Thank you this helped me tremendously!
By Taylor WrightJune 22, 2013
You are a great professor. I really enjoy it when a teacher/prof doesn't have to continually look at notes when working through problems, it really shows that they know the material and aren't just going through the motions.

By Jorge SardinasMay 20, 2012
Okay he made one mistake give him a break.He's done fantastic on the other videos!He is a very good mathematician.

Algebra 2 8

Dr. Grant Fraser, Ph.D.

By Emily EngleNovember 10, 2013
Thank you !
By ahmed razaOctober 11, 2012
great !!!
By ahmed razaSeptember 26, 2012
awesome man !!! :)
hope my college teacher was also this awesome ...

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