Dr. Catherine Carpenter, Ph.D.

Dr. Carpenter has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, and a Master’s degree in Public Health, both from UC Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from UCLA. She is currently on the faculty at UCLA in Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. For this course, Dr. Carpenter consulted with her colleague, Jennifer Giovanni, a microbiologist at LSU Veterinary School, to develop evidence-based information sourced from top academic journals, the CDC, and the WHO.

Microbiology Online Course Intermediate

Dr. Catherine Carpenter, Ph.D.

Join Dr. Catherine Carpenter as she explores everything in a standard Microbiology college course with clear explanations and tons of relevant real-world examples.

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Microbiology Online Course 8

Dr. Catherine Carpenter, Ph.D.

By Maryam FayyaziMay 7, 2019
Thanks for the amazing lecture. If we were to design a vaccine for malaria which unique protein or gene has better chance for successful vaccine?
By Apolonia GardnerNovember 24, 2015
Professor Carpenter,

I truly appreciate your guidance. I was always tending towards Biochemistry – now I am certain I will choose that major. Thank you!

---Apolonia Gardner
By jwan namiqMay 14, 2015
hello professor,

how the following laboratory parameters can be used for diagnostic purposes?;


thank you

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