Ionic/Angular Developer for Educator.com

Fulltime/Los Angeles

Educator.com is a video based learning website popular amongst high school and college students. We are currently in the process of launching a new open learning system and are looking to improve our current mobile app.

We are looking for experienced developers to creating pixel-perfect web pages and/or apps using Ionic/Angular.

You will be working remotely but engage in continuous periods of development and testing of the code with our team. All work and progress will be updated on our GitHub repo for the team to review.


You will be working with educator.com’s founder and the technical lead on an open learning system where teachers can create their own courses and post video lectures and other lesson material. The basic framework of the site is in progress, and your job will be to build on the existing code and complete all the features. The site is at https://opencourse.educator.com. Login access will be provided for you immediately upon approval.

The project is on GitHub; you will be provided access, and all your changes will be reviewed there. You will install the existing code and framework on your local system and test all changes there before pushing to the repo. The project is built on Ionic 3 with Angular, with a PHP backend, using the aMember membership system hosted on the main www.educator.com site.

Please send links with examples of any relevant projects you've worked on as well as your resume.

Independent developers are preferred. Companies/agencies, please excuse.


  • Experience with the Ionic/Angular framework as well as HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.
  • Knowledge or experience of video upload and processing.
  • Ability to create quick-responding complex user interfaces.
  • Creative solutions to improve the user experience.
  • Some knowledge or experience of progressive web apps.
  • Attention to detail


  • Your contribution will be massively felt by students on Educator.com.
  • You will work directly with the founder and senior developers of the company.
  • Financial compensation can be paid by hourly, fixed or by salary depending on the collaborative chemistry.
  • No corporate BS and politics.
  • Freedom to do your thing and work remotely from anywhere and set your own hours.

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