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Updated Biology Courses cardella

General Biology
Prof. Bryan Cardella, M.Ed.

ap biology eaton

AP Biology 
Dr. Carleen Eaton, M.D.

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Basics of Behavior

  • Behavior is defined as the collective responses of an animal to its environment. Some behaviors are inherited, while others are learned.

  • Biologists study the mechanics of behavior—what triggers a response and what mechanisms underlie it—as well as the evolutionary significance of the behavior.

  • In this Lesson, we’ll look at different types of behavior and their causes. We’ll also examine how behaviors are learned, and how we can tell whether a behavior is inherited. Inherited behaviors can be traced back to particular genes, and we’ll investigate the link between molecular genetics and behavior.

  • Finally, we’ll look at the evolution of behavior and how natural selection may influence which behaviors are inherited and which ones are learned.