Prof. Scott Anderson, M.S.

XML Training Beginner

Prof. Scott Anderson, M.S.

Professor Scott Anderson uses his up-to-date knowledge of XML to teach you the fundamentals as well as the complexities of this markup language in Educator’s XML Course. Professor Anderson’s course focuses on theory and important information in the beginning, but quickly dives into actual coding examples and real world applications. This course spans everything from the formal structure of XML to XSLT, Google Earth files, RSS, and SVG. Professor Anderson is a seasoned computer instructor with 10+ years of experience across all aspects of the web and has a Master's degree in Software Engineering. Downloadable coding examples are also included so you can follow along with lessons.

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XML Training 3

Prof. Scott Anderson, M.S.

By Maimouna LoucheJune 5, 2012
I love it all! Educator is perfect! I wish there is a Matlab instructor too.

Thanks a lot!
By Peter DixonMarch 19, 2012
Great video, learned a lot.
By Peter DixonMarch 16, 2012
Good course.

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