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Gases and Pressure

Gas 1

Gases are one of the states of matter—but not just any state. They’re birthday-cake-fueled toddlers on a sugar high. They’re three-month-old puppies in a kibble factory. They’re bumper cars turned up to 11. Oh. And they’re usually invisible. Solids and liquids tend to stay in place once they’re in appropriate ...

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Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table

Even though it’s often presented in bright colors and shiny posters, the periodic table is more like a mysterious map to the natural world, unlocking its secrets and uncovering its patterns for those who know how to look. There’s nothing else quite like it–it organizes the building blocks of every ...

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Atomic Orbitals

Molecular Orbitals 5

There was a time when Chemistry was kind Lewis dots formed bonds With their orbitals aligning! There was a time… Then it all went wrong. We all dreamed a dream, in time gone by… when atoms only needed eight electrons in their outer shell. If you put them together with ...

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