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A Step Closer To A Theory Of Quantum Gravity.

This would be ME…

Science Without Math.

So most of bio…

Moai Hidden Bodies!

The famous easter island heads have hidden bodies.

Don’t Bring Snacks In The Classroom!


Mathematics Of Life.

How many of you agree with it?

Physical Love!

So true! 💗

Student Life.

Let it happen! Don’t just THINK!

Can You See The Amount Of Pain In This Meme?

The Reason Is Usually Physics.

It always is!

When Physicist Meets Biology.

What’s happening here?😁

Holiday Homework.

I feel ya.

Sodium Bromate.


Ain’t No Dice Playing Here!

Here you go!

9*9*9 =27

Difficulty Of Math.

Never stop learning!

When Math Is Too Easy For You.

The Human Eye.

So beautiful and complicated.

Time Traveler Said.

Love that Einstein look.🤣

Trust Me I’m An Engineer.🤣 🤣 🤣

What a genius! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Teacher Reaction.🤣

The Types Of Men.

Chemist, Biologist or Physicist?


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