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What Is The Scientific Method?

Steps of the Scientific Method.

Quantum Mechanics V.S. Classical Mechanics.


How You Count Sheep Before Sleep…

This is how I count sheep before sleep.

Table Of Squares From 1 to 100!

Can you remember all the squares?

Hand Trick For Angles!

This is really useful for students to remember different angles.

How Secure Is My Password?

When you set the password too easy…🤣...

Summer Break Is Coming!

Teachers trying to make it to summer break like…...

Teacher’s Life

Teachers moving classrooms like…

Learn Cat Math!

Keep your base, multiply your exponents.

A Good Way To Learn ” Genetic Inheritance “

A good way to show your kids how genetic inheritance ...

Cool Hairstyle!

Tag girls who love biology 😅

Logical And Matured Question😂.

When you ask questions to the pro.

Never Walk Into The Wrong Restroom.

Biological Toilet. 🕵️

Prime Number 1 ~ 100.

It is very very important to remember prime number from 1 ...

Math Isn’t That Hard!


Teacher’s Life.

Tag your teacher friend who feels the same way....

Teachers Rule. 📝

” The RULE”

Teaching is a walk in the park. 🚶🦎

Teaching life…

From Little Things Big Things Grow!

Studying Has No Age Limit.

Coffee Time!

Learning anytime anywhere!

MIT Admissions Math Quiz !

This is not an easy one…🤓


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