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Some Fields At University

What you think ?

Mathematics Of Life.

How many of you agree with it?

Can You See The Amount Of Pain In This Meme?

9*9*9 =27

Difficulty Of Math.

Never stop learning!

When Math Is Too Easy For You.

Teacher Reaction.🤣

How Fast You Can Solve This?

What’s the X, Y, Z ?

Find All Points (x,y) On The Graph Of f(x)=2x²- 3x

Let us know your answer!

Which Is The Correct Graph For ( y = – 3/2x – 1) ?

Share with your friends if you know the answer!

Why Successful People Take Notes?

Taking notes helps me get things out of my mind ...

Can Someone Help Solve This?

Can you help on this ?

Calculation In Different Way.

It’s not that complicated…

Can You Solve This In 30 Seconds?

Share with your friends see if they can do it!

Mother Of Clocks.

I will never forget how to calculate.

Areas Of Bounded Regions.

Following algorithm may be used to find the area of ...

I Did Prepared For The Exam.

It does happen sometimes.

Math – Taylor Series.

In mathematics, a Taylor series is a representation of a ...

Even Or Odd ?

Just so you know that the world’s population is ...

Me V.S. Maths Class.

This is exactly how I feel when I get lost ...

Have You Ever Cheated On An Exam?

I rather spend my time on studying…


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