Educator's Mathmagic video series is an ever-growing collection of short clips that address common student pitfalls and reoccurring exam topics. Using our exclusive tablet technology, the instructor goes through the problem type, logic behind the solution, and how to adapt to questions in the future. These videos are indispensible for students taking any math courses, preparing for math competitions, or studying for the SAT.

Table of Contents

Add to X video

Adding to X:

In this video from Educator's Mathmagic series, our instructor shows you how to add from 1 to 100 quickly and effortlessly using a technique made famous by the mathematician Euler. The method is then generalized to help you through exams or just to amaze your friends.

Numbers Between video

Numbers Between:

This video from Educator's Mathmagic sequence goes over the common mistake of finding how many numbers are between two numbers. Use this way of remembering to make sure you never make the same mistake again on standardized tests.

Divisibility Rules video

Divisibility Rules:

In the Mathmagic "Divisibility Rules" video, our instructor goes over easy to remember ways to see if a number is divisible by another number. Our Educator Mathmagic instructor walks you through with plenty of explanation and helpful examples.

Fractions video


Our Educator "Fractions" video in the Mathmagic sequence shows you how to remember the most common fractions from 1/4 to 1/7 and even 1/11. Never again struggle to remember fractions once you watch this video.

Coin Probability video

Coin Probability:

In this video, our instructor teaches you a technique using Pascal's Triangle to figure out difficult coin flip probability questions so common on standardized tests and exams. Never break a sweat again if you get probability questions involving 4, 5, 6, or more coins!

Average Speed video

Average Speed:

Our "Average Speed" Mathmagic video goes over the common mistake of average speed questions and how to avoid it In the future. Using visualizations and formulas to satisfy all learning styles, our instructor guides you through conquering average speed questions once and for all.