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Teachers Ask for Textbook Publisher Change

A forum organized by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) found that educators want the industry to meet the needs of today’s student. Teachers found that students are less interested in what they are learning in schools because there is a disconnect to the real world. Advocates of change ask ...

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MBA Applications Rise

Business schools are preparing for what could be a huge wave of applications due to the economic downturn and subsequent loss of jobs. Recruiting events are standing room early and GMAT preparation companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review are receiving dozens of phone calls a day from prospective MBA ...

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No More High School Rankings, Valedictorians

More public high schools are doing away with rankings, after a claim that schools with no rankings see their students getting into more competitive universities. These high schools cite that there are more high-achieving students than can be in the top 10 percent of their class. Other schools have eliminated ...

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Student Cheating: What Majors Cheat the Most?

A study of 54 colleges and universities conducted by cheating expert Donald McCabe of Rutgers University shows that graduate students in business cheat the most. The majority, 56%, admitted to having cheated at least once during their programs. Next, engineering majors took second place honors with 54% cheating on tests ...

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The 3 Most Important Educational Reformers

America’s standing tradition of separating school and not-school is about to change. These three advocates of countering the effects of poverty on student success point to starting earlier and doing a lot more. James Heckman is an economist at the University of Chicago and finds that a lack of skills ...

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Student Housing Crisis

Not even students are immune to the housing market and rising gas prices. Now, due to these factors and higher freshman enrollment, some colleges are having problems housing their students in on-campus dorms. The hardest hit of these colleges is the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, which plans on placing around 250 ...

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Economic Woes Hit US Students

In the first half of 2008, 8.9 million students filed for federal aid, a 16.3 percent increase from the same period last year. In California alone, there have been almost a million students requesting financial aid. The slowing US economy is likely to blame, with a perfect storm of less ...

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Undeclared vs the Specialized Degree

Colleges such as Penn State now offer four-year bachelor’s degrees such as Turf Science. Students learn about pest and weed control, as well as other courses that help graduates find jobs in golf courses and sport stadiums. But is specializing during a student’s undergraduate career prudent? Opponents say that overspecializing ...

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